Christian Book Covers That Speak To A Book Buyer

Remember, in creating a book cover which is the first thing that a potential book buyer will see. You can speak volumes to that person in the simplicity of a picture and title.

Covers That Attract Attention

This is a beautiful book cover that shares a wonderful gift in motion. Love!

The Beauty In A Cover

The title of this book speaks rest and the picture speaks beauty 
which are two very powerful words to everyone.

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What's In A Cover

Everything is in the cover. It is the very first thing that a potential book buyer sees. It sets the mood, attracts attention and can be the most important part of your book. Books with great book covers by far outsell books with plain book covers. Make sure that you take the time and set the money aside for your book cover design. It is prime real estate.

CBC presents I AM THAT I AM – Tracing the Footprints of God by Christian author Judy Azar LeBlanc

I AM THAT I AM – Tracing the Footprints of God by Christian author Judy Azar LeBlanc is a must read and one of those books everyone should have in their collection.  The author has presented a comprehensive book that gives a full spectrum overview of the eight Covenants given to humanity by God with an in-depth discussion and analysis of the full parabolic, healing and divine ministry of Jesus Christ.  Systematically tracing the “footprints of God” as noted in the title, author Judy Azar LeBlanc, focuses the reader on who God is by revealing His character and design for humanity from the beginning.  With extensive research, illustrations and full color maps of famous archeological sites and over seventy-five commentaries from well renowned biblical scholars and a complete list of over fifty names and meanings of God - this book covers it all.  This well written and theologically sound book will give the reader a deeper understanding of the love God has for humanity and who the great I AM THAT I AM is from the beginning.  A wonderful, highly recommended read.  For more information visit To Many Faces To Many Places. You may also visit Judy LeBlanc's Amazon page where you can also order I AM THAT I AM.

Book Trailer for Behind Enemy Lines by Danny Clifford

Behind Enemy Lines: Saved by a Secret Weapon.

Within these pages lies an exciting and intriguing story of Danny Clifford’s training, experiences, and relationships, as a United States Army Staff Sergeant with the 75th Rangers in Vietnam during 1969 and 1970 performing reconnaissance missions Behind Enemy Lines.

From stories of physical warfare to those of spiritual warfare, the author candidly shares with readers what it takes to survive as a Christian soldier serving in the kingdom of God, and how to avoid becoming a casualty of the evil one. At the end of the book, readers will come face to face with the secret weapon and the Medal of Honor winner, Jesus.

“The sole purpose of this book is for everyone who reads this book to develop a closer relationship with God and receive an anointing to tell others about Jesus.” The author says “It is easily understood and has revelations for all genders, ages, and walks of life.

”The most rewarding thing he has ever witnessed, he says, is another person accepting Jesus, and seeing their smile and eyes after Jesus has removed their burden. This recently happened at the youth prison in South Portland, Maine in a weekly Bible meeting. “A young man of 17 gave his life to Christ after he read the manuscript of the book. The sole purpose of this book is you and your relationship with God.

Find out more about Behind Enemy Lines and other books by Danny Clifford at Spiritual Inspired Word or Heart And Soul Ministries.

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Christian Book Cover Design

For The Christian Author

They say that your book cover is prime real estate. Considering that your book cover is the first thing that a person sees, I would tend to agree.

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CBM Press Release, Author Bobby Holliday

For Immediate Release
A CBM Press Release
(March 1st 2012)

Author, publisher, professional voice-over and singer releases "A Lump of Clay" a wonderful Christian Children's Fiction.

Dr. Bobby Holliday, PhD, Christian author and publisher gathers from her vast clinical psychology and theological education to enrich children’s lives with Christian fundamentals, releases her first Christian Children’s Fiction Book, “A Lump of Clay.” As an author, publisher, professional voice-over, and singer, Dr. Bobby Holliday has culminated all her talents and put them into her first book which is the first in a series of seven books to come from the author that inspire and teach children in an entertaining way that they are loved by God, important, as well as how to handle life while teaching them biblical fundamentals through the use of delightful characters and animals. “A Lump of Clay” is an enchanting story of a special lump of clay created for a very special purpose. This full-sized and wonderfully illustrated picture hardback book includes an audio CD for easy reading and listening that will keep children fully engaged while teaching them important, “Life Lessons.”

Dr. Bobby Holliday has been a Christian since her early teen years and holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology with a minor in Theology. From a very young age she has been creating Christian teachings in the form of books and has now created a publishing company, Lady Hawk Press, which showcases all her newly printed and fully illustrated audio CD books. All her upcoming books, talents as a professional voice-over and singer, along with her interests in the equine industry are featured. She is also the founder of Equus Enterprises Inc., parent company to Lady Hawk Press that will cater in the future to under privileged and disabled children, as well as to veterans coming home from the front lines through the use of Equine Therapy. This will be the author’s small way of giving back to the community, as loving a horse, saved her life.

“A Lump of Clay” will delight and teach young children how truly special and valuable they are and that a loving God created them for a very special purpose. This book triumphantly encourages children, and adults alike, that even though life is full of trials and tribulations, and even when sometimes life does not go as planned; God does have a purpose, a very special purpose for them because He loves them. Author Dr. Bobby Holliday takes the reader on an unforgettable journey through this little lump of clay’s creation and through the challenges the clay faces as he learns to be humble and content in all circumstances.

Rebecca Price professionally illustrates all Dr. Holliday’s books with colorful artwork and the audio CD’s are professionally narrated by the author who is a professional voice-over. Dr. Holliday has done much work in the entertainment industry, her latest work being the official voice over for Angelina Jolie as the Lioness in Kung Fu Panda 1 and 2. Other talents include Rodger Bumpass, who is the voice and talent of Squidward in SpongeBob Squarepants. The audio CD will be sure to put a smile on your little one’s face as they listen to the delightful narration, uplifting music and voices of all the characters that make the book magically come alive.

Dr. Bobby Holliday can be contacted at Lady Hawk Press. Her book series are also available through Amazon and other online bookstores. Through her vast Christian and educational background, she has gathered all her talents and put them into enriching the children that are our future. Her desire is to inspire and teach little ones to live their life centered on the Rock, Jesus Christ. All her books, including, “A Lump of Clay” are highly recommended to families that want solid, wholesome and entertaining teaching available to their children.

Shinning Light On The Truth About God and Religion

Many sincere and good people, who have varying beliefs about God, have the right to believe whatever they want. However, everyone's belief cannot be true when it comes to God's existence and identity. This is not uncaring or intolerant; it's simply, as we have just reviewed how truth works. If truth could contradict itself, a Christian and an Atheist would both be correct about God's existence and we know this is impossible. shinning

Suppose you were a detective and six people showed up (an Atheist, Buddhist, Muslim, Mormon, Hindu and Christian) with different stories claiming to be the sole heir of a tremendous fortune. Could they all be telling the truth? No, you would immediately recognize the obvious problem, six people claiming to be the sole heir is a contradiction and could not possibly be true.

Therefore you would check out their stories and follow the evidence to uncover the truth. At some point their explanations would be contradictory to the facts in your investigation. Once you discover who the actual heir is, you would know for certain that the other five claims were false, no matter how close to the truth they appeared.

When it comes to God we have a similar situation. Many people have shown up and claim to know the truth about God. On the surface it may seem like most of them are headed in the same direction. But when we look closer, we see that they all contradict each other when it comes to the most important points, like salvation. Christianity is the sole belief that teaches salvation by God's grace, through faith alone. The others teach works (good deeds) and specific conditions as a necessity. Both can't be right.

Let's Dig Deeper Into The Truth

For a further in depth look into the above thought provoking article, visit Gravity, True For You But Not For Me where you will find an abundance of thought provoking information about eternal life. You may also get your own free e-Book of Gravity, True For You But Not For Me on Smash Words and Amazon.

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From Marsha Lenski Ministries comes Three Life Changing Books

From Christian author and inspirational speaker, Marsha Lenski, come be refreshed with the following three powerful books. Marsha Lenski’s writing style is fresh and crisp. Her transparency in her book From Sinking Sand reveals true character and dignity. The novel Pure Intentions is an inspiring novel dealing with a very real issue in today’s churches-corruption. Gently delivering a look at integrity vs. hypocrisy, author Marsha Lenski offers an answer for both. Most importantly, Marsha releases her powerful new book WWDKG, Woman With Destiny in the Kingdom of God, a captivating and divinely inspired message from the heart of the Father to women all over the globe. Come, be inspired to stand up and be counted in the Kingdom of God. This is a faith-filled devotional that will lead you on a wondrous path to fulfillment.

For a more detailed account of each exciting book, see below:

From Sinking Sand is an amazing account of one woman’s experience playing with the fire of adultery that drove her to her knees and into the loving arms of a faithful God. Christian author and speaker, Marsha Lenski, has been featured on CBN’s 700 Club and “Life Today” with James and Betty Robison with her powerful testimony. Her book delivers a heart-warming testament to the forgiveness, love, grace and endless mercy that is found in Jesus Christ. Her story is a familiar one, as the divorce rate in America climbs. Marsha openly shares her heart, offering hope and encouragement to all. In sharing her powerful testimony, the book steers others away from the sin of adultery, offering instead the hope and redemption found in a loving, merciful God.

Pure Intentions, author Marsha Lenski’s second book, is an inspirational novel highlighting integrity vs. hypocrisy offering the answer to both. This captivating and entertaining novel is a fictional story of some very real, true to life scenarios where tensions can run high. The two characters that are husband and wife choose integrity as their only answer to corruption in a church as they display their love for one another despite their weaknesses and personal failures. This book is a page-turner and will leave you with your mouth wide open in awe. You’ll laugh and you’ll cry, a true winner from start to finish!

WWDKG, Woman With Destiny in the Kingdom of God, is a devotional created with the feminine heart in mind that is filled to the brim with hope, faith, encouragement and a divine invitation to come to the One who can truly satisfy, Jesus Christ. Author Marsha Lenski, testifies in her powerful new book release, that your destiny is as unique as you are, created for you and just you, by a loving Father in Heaven who only wants the best for his daughters. As daughters of the Most High God, this book encourages and exhorts women in the Kingdom of God to look forward to their destiny by looking towards their Father in Heaven. Take hold of the promises of God and become a Woman With Destiny in the Kingdom of God. You’ll never be the same and you won’t want to settle for anything less!

Come and be refreshed. Visit Marsha at Marsha Lenski Ministries

Author Artice Blasts by CBM Christian Book Reviews

Author Lynn Calder Book Trailer - Behind Locked Doors

Does life seem to happen around you, but not in you? Do you experience unexplainable emptiness? Does building a worthwhile life seem impossible? Traumatic childhood events may be holding you captive, just like they did for Lynn Calder.

For decades Lynn struggled to make sense of her life. Finding Christ through a dramatic sequence of events, coupled with intensive therapy, eventually unraveled a childhood of which she held no conscious memory. Despite a most startling diagnosis, Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) now termed Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), Lynn refused to believe that God intended for her to remain in darkness.

No matter your experience, God’s light can unlock any hidden doors in your past and together you can triumph!

For more information about Author Lynn Calder and her book Behind Locked Doors visit Lynn Calder

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The Pages Between The Covers - Woman Of Sin, A Must Read

Title: Woman Of Sin
Author: Debra Diaz
Date Reviewed: February 17th, 2011
Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

Be transported back through the very portals of time in the novel “Woman of sin”. In a time when Caesars ruled and Rome was at its height of authority and power. Enter into a land harsh to the poor and kind to the rich and elite. One where slavery was common and justice had little place. A land and time where Jesus ‘the Nazarene’ walked the earth in the midst of the injustice and chaotic darkness. This is a gripping novel that will keep you coming back for more.

Author Debra Diaz, in her fast paced novel, “Woman of Sin” takes you back through the centuries in her timeless classic. Follow young Alysia down her road of capture from her place of privilege in her Athenian home, to a Roman household to be bound forever as a slave. Taken from her home she loses everything, but she is yet to gain everything at the end of her road of travel. She is about to find true love in every sense of the word.

Author Debra Diaz elegantly and beautifully weaves an unforgettable story of true love, mirroring scenes taken from the scriptures, where young Alysia is tested by trials and tribulations back in a time where women were of little esteem, except for their purpose in child bearing. Perseverance, romance, forbidden love, and endless unfailing love, take you on an adventure that you will not forget.

With the use of beautiful, descriptive and explosive imagery, biblical scenes come alive as the author uses the “Woman of Sin” to introduce the reader to a man called Jesus as He walked the earth and preached. Some called him ‘rabboni’ the word for ‘great teacher.’ Yet as the story unfolds you will see that he is more than a great teacher, for he can perform such miracles as healing a leper, healing the blind and the paralyzed, even raising the dead. He was the Son of God walking the earth, the lamb without sin, crucified for our sins so that we might live. Without His resurrection from the cross, he would be little more than a famed teacher to once have graced this earth. The author leads you to want to know more about this Jesus.

Filled with suspense and romance, this novel is eloquently written and will take the reader back through time and lead you on a journey that is so real, so tangible, you’ll not want it to end. A true masterpiece! This book comes highly recommended. You will not be able to put this one down, I assure you! The book is truly a mini-series in the making. Take a journey through the very portals of time, back through the centuries and experience the thrill of entering into a never-ending tale of undying love that will grip your very soul.

Woman Of Sin by Author Debra Diaz
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars
Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews
Highly Recommended, A Must Read Novel

Creating A Christian Book Trailer

They Are A Powerful Marketing Tool, Christian Book Trailers.

The above trailer is a simple yet affective book trailer that shares a message with the viewer while promoting the author and the authors book. Book trailers also called video trailers provide publishers, book marketeers, authors and writer numerous ways to market a book.

One of the problems for the Christian author is finding a Christian book trailer service. There are lots of book trailer producers out there and many of them will produce video and book trailers for all types of books. The key is finding a Christian book trailer service to produce a book trailer that shares your book using Kingdom principles, the Word of God and that makes your book trailer appealing in the Christian Marketplace.

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